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Posted 17th August 2016 in Photography

scream re-imagined

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Playing about with the slow shutter app on my phone and learning to manipulate how I am making the images a little more, I created this curious screaming figure emerging from a bright pink box. I think the figure is obviously horrified that it has been stuck in something so pink and is screaming in Read More

Posted 19th March 2016 in Photography

light works

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I have found a new toy that lets me play with light and make it into pictures (at this point I need the love heart emoji to fill this line with. Mmmmmm, it really is dreamy). It’s sooooooooo much fun and creates the best pieces of abstraction filled with colour and light. To say I’m Read More

Bang, half paying attention to the box in the corner chattering away to itself whilst pinning more gorgeous pictures on my pinboards, mooning over the deliciousness of them all and out of nowhere, someone says a line on a tv programme that has instantly conjured up an image that I need to make. Inspiration really Read More

Posted 29th January 2016 in Photography

take a moment

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I’m not sure these images really need any accompanying words. Sometimes the image just speaks for itself. Feel the air across you cheek and smell the briney air as it hits your nose…..  

Posted 28th January 2016 in Photography

tones of grey

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Cooking the other evening I noticed the light over the hob had created this beautiful square of hazy grey tones and within it, a deliciously centred triangle. The gentle layers have naturally formed a brilliant composition that had I tried to make this image out of light and its resulting shadows knowingly, I would have Read More

Posted 31st October 2015 in Musings Photography


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I have been walking on the beach trying to capture the wings outstretched glory of the cormorant saluting the morning and the rising sun for the best part of six weeks now. Every morning and evening. The little cheekies have been sat all over the pier wafting their wings at me and the sky. They Read More

Posted 24th October 2015 in Musings Photography Processes

playing about on the iphone

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I love sitting of an evening and having a play about with the different editing apps on the iphone. There are some totally amazing ones which have the ability to help you make some ace images when you don’t have the first bit of knowledge about anything to do with design software on the Mac. Read More

Posted 28th September 2015 in Musings Photography

shape, colour and general yumminess

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My eye this summer has been caught by the most random seeming of things. A pineapple in all its spikey, yellow and green gorgeousness. The inside of a watermelon, that when I sliced it down the middle, had so much pink, fleshy goodness my eyes almost melted when I saw it laid out against the Read More

Posted 25th September 2015 in Musings Photography

cloud spotting

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Does anybody else look up to the sky and sometimes spot the most incredible shapes in the clouds? I’ve seen horses galloping across the blue chased by fire breathing dragons, a fish with a turtle in a jolly hat riding its back and even a straight forward cup and saucer. The kids love cloud spotting Read More

Posted 23rd September 2015 in Methods Photography


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With the advent of gala season on us again. The prospect of sitting poolside for days on end, waiting for Middlers races to happen reminds me of the photographs I took at the last gala I attended in July. I can’t just sit there staring into space ALL day so I use as much of Read More


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