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Posted 22nd February 2017 in Textiles

something a little bit different

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Sometimes I need to have a play about with something that isn’t my usual artwork. Exercise a different part of my creative brain. I usually fall back into textile based making in the Winter for some reason. I think it probably harks back to my childhood days with my Mum always making something. Be it Read More

During the hols we went to Car Fest North. Organised by the fabulous Chris Evans from BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show to help raise money for the charity Children In Need. Whilst there I took some pictures of the fun fair that was entertaining the kids. When I got home I did some editing on Read More

Posted 5th July 2014 in Other Stuff Painting Printmaking Textiles

the buzz gallery

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Out of the blue a few weeks ago an old friend I had met on Twitter emailed with an exciting proposal. She had had the opportunity to open a gallery space and would I be interested in putting together some work to exhibit there? I was soooooo excited for her. She is such an amazing Read More

Posted 17th May 2014 in Musings Textiles

its been a funny old week

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Its been a funny old week really. A time when I had an awful lot of stuff to get sorted and keep on top of, but where nothing much seemed to get achieved on the big to do list. I am trying to stop doing that thing where if I don’t achieve exactly what I Read More

Posted 27th April 2014 in Printmaking Textiles

flotsam and jetsam

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This is the beginning of a body of work where I have been blending my stitching into my printmaking. The link with my other pieces that are stand alone prints and also with my paintings is really apparent. There is a lovely free movement of conversation between them all at the moment, I am finding Read More

Posted 25th March 2014 in Textiles

experiments in stitch

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This is a series of work that I started with printmaking using collograph designs I made and then I developed them with stitch. Pushing ideas and embellishing the composition (a word that every time I think about I have a complete brain fart, it takes at least five minutes to remember it and sometimes I Read More

Posted 15th March 2014 in Textiles

circles and stripes – stitched

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Having used my Janome for years but found it struggling to meet my needs where machine embroidery was concerned; as it gathered pace it sounded like a jack hammer breaking concrete not trying to sew some texture into a piece of fabric and as it sewed breaking the thread every 10 stitches I was was Read More

This series was created by trying to find a language that married my art to my love of playing around on a sewing machine. It’s helped me find a new voice that I am really excited about. I feel weirdly like I have come home. This work triggered me to revisit my printmaking and push Read More


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