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There is something so delicious about this balloon. It sits perfectly on the floor, the plinth or hanging from the ceiling. It’s intriguing, shiny, reflective, colourful and energetic all wrapped up in something that at first look makes you think it must be made of a hard substance like a Jeff Koons piece but, as you get closer and move around it, you realise it moves as you disturb the air around it and that it’s actually made of something¬† much much lighter. It makes me think of the way my brain processes life, shooting off in different directions, constantly reaching out and searching for a way to make sense of the world around me, what needs doing now, what I’m going to procrastinate over, who and what needs dealing with in life right now, where my work is at and what’s next, how do I deal with how I’m feeling right now etc. The constant pull but also, the excited buzz that pulses out looking for a place to land and unfurl.

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